Venue Analytics and Footfall Analysis

Better understanding of occupancy, movement, ingress and egress

  • Market leading Ontix in-house innovation
  • Improved granularity and accuracy
  • Near real-time reporting
  • COVID-19 venue and location insights

OnSight is a solution Ontix have developed in response to requirements for footfall and crowd insights from operators of venues to enable them to better understand occupancy, the movement within the venue, and the ingress and egress points from the surrounding environment

As indoor and outdoor venue owners and stakeholders grapple with the challenges and new dynamics of a COVID-19 world, they are seeking to understand the arrival, journey, dwell time, exit and frequency of access in a dynamic manner

OnSight provides rich insights to venues by utilising the deployed Wi-Fi network infrastructure and overlaying a value-add service to give a market-leading level of granularity and accuracy, delivered in near real-time via a dynamic dashboard to venue owners and partners

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