Pride in London and West End Live 2024 benefit from next-gen connectivity provided by Ontix 

Attendees of the large, free-entry public events benefitted from Ontix’s ultra-fast public Wi-Fi installed on street furniture, supporting the operation of key facilities and devices

London, UK, 9 July 2024 – This summer, two of London’s most-loved, free-entry public events, Pride in London and West End Live 2024, benefitted from outdoor connectivity provided by Ontix, the company delivering next-generation wireless technology. 

Taking place over two consecutive weekends in June at the iconic hotspot of Trafalgar Square, over 70,000 musical theatre fans attended West End Live this year to see a star-studded lineup of West End musicals, and over 32,000 took part in the Pride in London parade alone with thousands more visiting to celebrate one of the largest and longest-running pride festivals in the country. With sponsors of West End Live including TikTok, digital-savvy visitors could access Ontix’s free public Wi-Fi to stream, transact, download, upload and communicate speedily without the risk of overloading network traffic. 

Ontix’s network carried over 100GB of data for Pride in London and 130GB for West End Live, equivalent to over a month’s worth of daily video streaming. Ontix has Wi-Fi units discreetly installed on existing street furniture, such as lampposts, and makes use of its existing fibre to create ultra-fast Wi-Fi access points and enhance wireless support for these large-scale, back-to-back events. 

The organisers of West End Live had additional support from Ontix in the form of a private Fixed Wireless Access network, providing a vital connectivity boost to maintain the continuous operation of critical infrastructure and key event facilities, such as CCTV and EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems. This helped create a secure and commercially successful environment for the organisers. 

Boosting connectivity at the London landmark was made possible thanks to Westminster City Council’s long-term concession agreement with Ontix, which sees their solution permanently installed on lampposts across the City of Westminster. Ontix’s technology showcased how public Wi-Fi is an easily deployable and game-changing solution for the operation and success of regular, high-footfall events in busy locations. 

Tom Hayden, Head of Engineering at Ontix, commented: “Outdoor Wi-Fi networks are an easily deployable, power-efficient and cost-effective solution quickly becoming essential for event organisers. For critical infrastructure and key facilities to operate properly, Wi-Fi networks can take the burden of thousands of people off mobile networks by providing an alternative connection. It’s not just about posting selfies – although public Wi-Fi is important for that too – it’s about easily creating a secure, efficient environment for regular large-scale events on an on-demand basis to ensure connectivity stays continuous.”

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