Network Operators

Ontix expertise lies in the design, build and operation of carrier-class networks and solutions, both outdoors and indoors for Mobile Operators, MVNOs and International Roaming Operators

Ontix builds innovative infrastructure platforms as a partner for Network Operators. Our networks provide outdoor and indoor small cell networks that run over our own carrier-class high capacity, low latency Metrohaul infrastructure. We provide full turn-key management of the project and our NOC manages the installed networks

Our solutions address the small cell densification needs of mobile network operators, the macro offload needs of MVNOs and International carriers, and the wholesale delivery needs of ISPs

Managed Network Services

Ontix Managed Service offloads some or all of a network operator’s RAN operations and assumes ongoing responsibility on their behalf, for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for RAN design, delivery and operations functions

Ontix’ Managed Services can be used to provide additional expertise and support for a ‘shrink-wrapped’ service: for example the densification of a particular town or city centre to support a special event or series of events, or as a ‘contracted-in’ team to augment the testing and rollout of new technology or architectures, where the expertise or resources don’t exist with the Network Operator

Who we assist

Mobile Network Operators

5G will transform businesses, governments, and societies around the world. It will be a key driver for technological and economic development, accelerating the scalability of connected infrastructure applications across cities and changing the way we live and work

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