Mobile telephony services generated in Q4 2021
- up 0.4%
£ 0 Bn
Mobile broadband subscriptions grew by in 2021
0 %
Number of Mobile subscriptions at the end of 2021 - up 1.4%
0 M
Mobile data usage up 25.9% in 2021 to
0 PB

Source: Ofcom telecoms market update published 28th April 2022


Outdoor mobile solutions (IaaS)

Extending, offloading traffic and enhancing customer experience of mobile network operator networks utilising our extensive concession and shared access agreements for street furniture.

Public WiFi

Enhancing communities by providing High Speed Public access WiFi wherever connectivity is needed. This can also provide the foundation for our footfall analytics and venue analysis platform.

In-building Solutions / Indoor Mobile

Open RAN (O-RAN) and Joint Operator Technical Standards (JOTS) compliant indoor cellular coverage utilising PicoCells. This solution also caters for wholesale/white label utilising the JOTS retailer model in partnership with Ontix.

Fixed Wireless Access

Ultra-fast, gigabit broadband – with no strings Ontix delivers ultra-fast gigabit broadband connectivity direct to homes and businesses – simply, cost-effectively, and wherever it is needed.

Private Networks

Dedicated and secure private networking Enterprise campuses, manufacturing plants, retail sites, transport operators and utilities are harnessing private LTE/5G networks.

Smart Cities / IoT

An intelligent network of wirelessly connected objects Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart City initiatives have been hotly anticipated across the globe.


Footfall and Venue Analytics

Better understanding of occupancy, movement, ingress and egress. OnSight is a realtime solution Ontix have developed in response to requirements for footfall and crowd insights.

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