Central London Hotspot 2.0 Network

Mobile users can now benefit from exceptional connectivity in one of London’s busiest and most popular tourist landmarks, thanks to a next-generation hybrid cellular and public Wi-Fi network delivered by Ontix, working in partnership with Global Reach Technology.

Across London’s iconic Trafalgar Square, a new outdoor Wi-Fi service is now available to the public, delivering superfast mobile connectivity to the area’s businesses, residents and millions of annual visitors.  The new outdoor Wi-Fi network runs alongside Ontix’s next-generation small cell network, and is available to global mobile network operators looking to increase coverage and provide customers with Wi-Fi roaming and free VoIP calling.

Seamless connections

Built initially upon 17 Ruckus Wi-Fi access points, this innovative deployment is the first central London service to include Passpoint™ Hotspot 2.0 connectivity, provided by Global Reach Technology. Mobile users can now enjoy automatic, seamless and secure login whenever they are in range of the service. Once the Hotspot 2.0 profile is on the device, returning users will be remembered and automatically connected as they roam between hotspots, and overseas subscribers can auto-attach to the Ontix network using the mobile operator’s profile. A Wi-Fi roaming service provided by Global Reach also enables international and UK cellular operators to connect to the network.

Lightning fast speeds

The Wi-Fi network will be delivering speeds in excess of 100MBs per second, providing extremely high ongoing quality of service, and ensuring mobile data demands can be met during very high footfall events, such as the annual West End LIVE weekend. The newly-launched network carried 120GB of data over the 2020 New Year1, and 1TB over Christmas and New Year as a whole2, easing a well-known congestion point and capacity challenge in Trafalgar Square.  The Wi-Fi service will soon be extended to other notspots across the wider Westminster borough – bringing lightning-fast speeds and assured connectivity right to the heart of London.

“We are extremely proud to have brought this ultra-high-quality, ultra-high-performance network to Trafalgar Square, enabled by the outstanding technical and service delivery from Ontix and Global Reach. We will be continuing our ambitious programme of innovation for our key stakeholders across the borough, and our vision is to deliver an umbrella next-generation network that will ultimately span the whole of Westminster – offering world-leading levels of connectivity and service to businesses, residents and visitors.”

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