Outdoor Mobile Solutions (IaaS)

Introducing Infrastructure as a Service

Small cells deliver the network densification needed to drive the next generation of wireless networks and the roll-out of 5G services.  For operators, deploying small cells can become a ‘big project’ – complex, costly, and with significant operational challenges.

Ontix is transforming small cell deployment, providing a complete solution to streamline the process and reduce ongoing operational costs. Ontix invests in assets and infrastructure that we use to deploy small cells – simply, swiftly and at scale by:

  • acquiring rights to portfolios of street furniture up front to reduce time to go-live
  • providing expert deployment capability to install small cells quickly and efficiently
  • building Neutral Host, high-capacity transmission networks to provide 5G-ready connectivity – so operators don’t duplicate the cost
  • deploying core fibre in advance, based on indicative demand, to further reduce lead time
  • successfully planning and managing design and build optical networks as needed, to lower costs
  • simplifying the process by reducing handovers and eliminating unnecessary complexity

Ontix provides a complete managed delivery service to operators, installing and connecting small cells using our passive and active infrastructure.

  • easy: you issue – or we provide – the small cells, and then we do the rest
  • quick: 4 weeks to go-live, around 20x quicker than a macro deployment
  • great value: less than 1/10th of the cost of a macro, and 30-40% less than the market
  • predictable: you get one fixed price – no ‘excess construction charges’ or other hidden extras

We have deployed small cell networks successfully in central London – now live and delivering exceptional connectivity for mobile users – and are developing partnerships that will allow us to accelerate the delivery of our innovative approach throughout the UK.



Metrohaul from Ontix is a shared transmission network that provides high capacity and low latency to connect 4G and 5G small cells.

  • Fibre backbone – carrier-grade, resilient, low-latency Carrier-Ethernet platform providing 10Gbps of dedicated symmetrical capacity directly to street-level primary fibre nodes
  • 60Ghz mmWave distribution layer – up to 3Gbps dedicated aggregate capacity

Operating Model

We provide a full end-to-end managed service: we plan, build, connect and operate. This enables the deployment of small cells throughout the UK – and access to our concession areas and our game-changing, neutral host small cell network – Metrohaul.

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