Footfall and Venue Analysis

Better understanding of occupancy, movement, ingress and egress

OnSight is a realtime solution developed by Ontix in response to requirements for footfall and crowd insights from landlords and business planners of venues to enable them to better understand occupancy, the movement within the venue, and the ingress and egress points from the surrounding environment.

As indoor and outdoor venue owners and stakeholders grapple with the challenges and new dynamics of a post-COVID-19 world, they are seeking to understand the arrival, journey, dwell time, exit and frequency of access in a dynamic manner.

OnSight provides rich insights to venues by utilising the deployed Wi-Fi network infrastructure and overlaying a value-add service to give a market-leading level of granularity and accuracy, delivered in near real-time via a dynamic dashboard to venue owners and partners.


Unique Count

Unique Origin


Our sampling time stamps are hourly, thus the maximum latency is 59.99 mins. This is as close to realtime as is Practical and useable. We also provide historic sampling from a time and date to current time.

By monitoring devices that are WiFi and SIM card enabled (with mobile devices close to 1:1 this gives a true reflection of headcount) we can capture: Number of devices by time, Country of origin (SIM), Dwell time by location. This gives a comprehensive input to any footfall analysis. 

This data is useful for multiple applications and bodies, such as trade associations, advertising companies, infrastructure planners, traffic planning authorities and IoT/Smart city initiatives.

All captured data is GDPR compliant and conforms to the tightest security possible. It is anonymised and does not contain any information regarding any device/user.

  • By analysing footfall data you can identify customer buying behaviour, habits and trends.
  • Assess the impact, performance and success of marketing initiatives
  • Tailor staffing schedules according to footfall patterns
  • Improve store layout and ease customer navigation
  • Optimise store performance
  • Maximise sales potential
  • Landlords can assess and monitor the value of their properties

Ontix will plan a suitable format with you after consultation of your requirements. Please get in touch and we will help produce a meaningful and comprehensive plan.

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