Public Wi-Fi

Exceptional Wi-Fi service

Ontix is your proven partner for delivering full Gigabit Wi-Fi service coverage throughout high-demand urban environments.

We plan, design and build the infrastructure footprint to enable high-performance, reliable Gigabit Wi-Fi. Access Points (APs) can be positioned onto existing lamppost structures, mounted at height and utilising omni-directional antennas. This optimises the coverage provided from each AP and ensures the AP is always located as close to the users as possible. 

Where existing lamppost structures are not suitable or not ideally located, we surface mount APs onto surrounding building facades and utilise sectorial antennas to direct the Wi-Fi signal towards the users. This ensures optimal performance even in areas of heavy data demand.

Read about our landmark deployment in London’s Trafalgar Square – a next-generation Wi-Fi network delivered in partnership with Global Reach Technology, and the first Central London Hotspot 2.0 network

Mobile users can now enjoy automatic, seamless and secure login whenever they are in range of the service. Once the Hotspot 2.0 profile is on the device, returning users will be remembered and automatically connected as they roam between hotspots

Ontix Wi-Fi delivers consistent and ubiquitous connectivity in dense urban areas and can easily be extended – for example, within shops, offices and transport hubs to extend the reach and improve overall improvement user experience.

Operating Model

Our Managed Service provides a full end-to-end managed service: we plan, build, connect and operate


"Working with Ontix to provide this next-generation Wi-Fi service will ensure truly superb digital connectivity across these six important street markets, helping to keep trading moving smoothly through the present conditions, and providing an outstanding platform for the growth and future development of these vital trading centres."

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