IOT and Smart Cities

An intelligent network of wirelessly connected objects

  • IOT and Smart Cities promote sustainable development
  • Implement IOT to address growing urbanisation challenges
  • Cloud-based IoT applications receive, analyse and manage data in real-time
  • Councils, Local Authorities, Transport Agencies and Utilities engage directly with, and improve communities

Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart City initiatives have been hotly anticipated across the globe for the past two decades, with some notable success stories already delivered

With ambitious visions of cities working in harmony with people and delivering transformative quality of life improvements for citizens, many previous projects have often fallen short of their objectives – failing to deliver on technology or profitability grounds, and leaving many streetscapes littered with sensors and devices, adding clutter and little value

The current and next generation of IOT and Smart City sensors and monitors are being deployed strategically and more densely to deliver ubiquitous service that can truly support long-term digital strategy goals.  As a result, there is a significant increase in the bandwidth required

Applications including 4K & 8K security cameras, traffic cameras, air quality monitoring, crowd control, dynamic signage and autonomous driving are all creating an ever-greater need for high-speed, low-latency and flexible service in dense urban areas

Ontix works with metropolitan and local councils, transport and infrastructure authorities and a wide range of IOT suppliers and partners to deliver IOT and Smart Cities built for the future, across a single resilient high speed digital platform

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