Indoor Mobile

Always-on mobile connectivity

Ontix can help you achieve reliable, full-bar mobile coverage throughout your building – swiftly and cost effectively.  The only difference you’ll notice is exceptional mobile connectivity

Concrete, steel, glass and thick walls all block mobile phone signals indoors – a problem that affects 68% of buildings and results in the frustration of dropped calls, customer complaints and lost business

  • 89% of business owners consider full-bar indoor mobile network coverage essential
  • 80% of mobile calls are initiated from in-building
  • Improved indoor coverage increases workplace productivity by 77%
  • Indoor coverage increases a property’s value by 28% on average   

Ontix brings next-generation wireless connectivity indoors – optimising connectivity, productivity and the mobile user experience for all

In a post Covid-19 world, the return to the office – whilst anticipated by many, will demand improved levels of reachability and connectivity – voice, messaging and video, will need to be seamlessly available throughout entire building estates.


6-Steps to Connectivity

Our wireless small cell solutions deliver scalable 4G voice and data services. We design, install and seamlessly manage your indoor mobile service to eliminate coverage holes and not-spots for all.  As a trusted essential utility provider, we make the entire process clear, practical and easy from start to finish, using our proven 6-step process.

1. Get in touch

Complete the form below and we will be in touch to understand your requirements in greater detail and provide a guide price and availability.

2. Survey and plan

We will arrange a visit to your site and put together a detailed plan and proposal.

3. Mobile operator co-ordination

We work with all the major mobile network operators in the UK and will manage the integration of your preferred operators into your new network.

4. Finance

Our solution is inherently low Capex and our infrastructure and management systems keep Opex down.

5. Build

We install your new indoor mobile network using high capacity, high-performance small cells. Your network is connected directly to the operator network with flexible backhaul options, including Ontix wireless/fibre and shared or dedicated Internet connections.

6. Operate

Our 24/7 system monitoring and maintenance offers complete end-to-end managed service, guaranteeing peace of mind.

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