Mobile Network Operators

5G will transform businesses, governments, and societies around the world. It will be a key driver for technological and economic development, accelerating the scalability of connected infrastructure applications across cities and changing the way we live and work.

The evolution of 4G & 5G technology and the demands of clients and end users to support increased applications, services and devices continues at a breathless pace.

Even whilst the first 5G networks were being commissioned and going live in 2019/20 the mobile industry began a parallel activity to disrupt the existing vendor-side dynamics by collaborating on an OpenRAN strategy to foster faster and more cost-effective solutions and significantly broaden the supply-side ecosystem.

Operationally, Mobile Operators grapple with the challenges of supporting “all the Gs” delivering improved KPI’s whilst capex and opex budgets get stretched, and ARPU’s remain static.

5G densification – the process of reducing the size of the mobile cells to deliver higher performance – download speed and lower latency – closer to the points of consumption, is a key component to the management of two critical and diminishing resources  – spectrum and budget.

Ontix invests in Neutral Host RAN-as-a-Service Infrastructure that is technology independent –  this allows Mobile Operators to benefit from reduced costs from the shared infrastructure and significantly improved delivery times and service levels.

Ontix has deployed 4G Metro Small Cells with Mobile Operators in the UK since 2019 and continues to deploy 5G Small Cells.


Managed Network Services

Ontix Managed Services offloads some or all of a network operators’ RAN operations and assumes ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem resolution for RAN design, delivery and operations functions on their behalf

"5G is about so much more than faster mobile internet speeds so we’re investing millions to help some of Britain’s brightest innovators explore the huge potential of the technology to improve and enrich our lives. The projects we’ve selected will demonstrate how the blistering speeds of 5G can put some rocket fuel in our economy and help business bounce back from the pandemic"

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